A Lecture in which Liis helps you...

Rethink How You Think!

Reinterpreting Fashion and Media Messages
to Create Stronger Self-Esteem and a Positive Body Image

Liis Windischmann, a top Canadian model for almost 20 years and a size 14, has defied the odds finding success when most models are deemed too large at a size 4. From her first attempts to model as a skinny teen, to travelling around the world as an in demand “plus model”, and now creating diversity in fashion as the Director of Ben Barry Agency, Liis offers unique stories and perspectives about developing positive self-esteem and creating a positive body image that few others could.

Liis will take her audience on a journey through how she tried to break into the fashion industry as a skinny, impressionable teenager being told to lose weight to how she got to where she is today, heading up Ben Barry Agency, a modelling agency representing all ages, sizes, heights, backgrounds and abilities.  She shares personal stories about size and beauty, demonstrating how she has come to have a different view of beauty than most. A fashion and media industry expert, Liis utilizes a unique, informative photo presentation demonstrating how the fashion and advertising industry “speaks” and illuminates how we have been conditioned to think a certain way and how we can change our interpretation of this information.  Ideas and products that bombard and influence us from childhood through to adulthood will be examined – from fashion, media, friends and family members. Liis will share ways in which we can all improve our self-esteem and body image issues helping young minds see the beauty in all of us.

Armed with fresh information and facts, the newly empowered audience will never look at magazines, TV or advertisements the same way again and will have a new appreciation for the beauty – both inner and outer - in all of us.  The audience will have a fresh, new outlook in order to digest the information that bombards them on a daily basis differently - empowering them to “rethink how they think.” 

Whether your group is aged 5, 15 or 50, Liis can tailor a lecture to the needs of your school, organization or company. Lectures on the plus-size market, diversity in fashion or interactive workshops can be customized.

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